RCADE is an LA-based DJ/Producer originally from the Bay Area who
spent his late teen years in a basement searching for samples in his
growing record collection. As his record collection grew, so did his desire to
become a DJ. His dedication to his newly found passion quickly established
his purpose in life. This purpose revolved around music; both as DJ, and,
for the past four years, a producer as well.

RCADE incorporates a melting pot of sounds which serve as the colors for
his musical palette. As a DJ, he truly embraces the role of one: a
multifaceted DJ, equipped with a technical yet free-flowing ability to rock
crowds and ‘wow’ in scratch sessions. He believes “music comes from the
heart” which prompts his style to match the vibes of old soul and funk
grooves. Organically, he’s finding a way to mesh his past with the future
sounds of heavy bass, trap and electronic genres without forgetting his jazz
and hip-hop roots.

His wide range of influences from JDILLA to TEEKO to B.
LEWIS and RUCKOZOID have not only molded him into a tasteful music
selector but they continue to shape his inspiration when creating new
music. As an artist who continues to grow, RCADE has begun carving his
path void of any labels, tags or end. Instead, he’s embracing his world
without limits with a creative mind state and a passion for life.

Teeko – “One of todays next wave of DJ/Producers I always keep my eyes
and ears on. Standing out from the rest with well rounded skills and a
futuristic visionary.”

RCADE Producer/Composer/DJ
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