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Jeremy Sole is on a mission to show how music is a singular universal language, and that each culture’s rhythms and melodies are no more than slang–different accents of the same mother tongue. His DJ sets, remixes and original compositions juxtapose world sounds and experimental beats into a sonic ritual – a celebration of life out loud.

As a teenager, Chicago-born Jeremy Sole’s loft parties were a culture clash of creative youth. Jeremy’s upbringing was seeped in the rich Chicago history of Blues, Jazz, Disco, Deep House and Soul – and he reveled in that sacred space where they all blend together. He expanded as a turntablist in Jazz, Dub, and experimental hybrid bands. Meanwhile his collection and performances grew to include music from every country in the world. In 2001 Sole moved to Los Angeles, and with his broad musical palette, felt right at home in the spiciest melting pot in the U.S.

As Co-Founder and resident deejay of “Afro Funké”, Sole and his partners drew a loyal crowd every week for 10 years. This was his arena for Afrobeat, Latin, Brazilian, Indian, Jamaican and other authentic and remixed world rhythms. Hundreds of international guests joined them over the years, from deejays Rich Medina and Cut Chemist to impromptu jam sessions with Zap Mama and Stevie Wonder.

Sole returns to his underground roots with “theLIFT”, partnering with DJ Wiseacre and Jonathan Rudnick to produce the roaming, monthly, all-night warehouse events series featuring legendary talent like Bonobo, Nickodemus, Danny Krivit, Gaslamp Killer, DJ Scruff, Lefto, Erykah Badu and Gilles Peterson gracing their stages. What started at Sole’s small downtown loft, grew to well over 1200 people by their one-year anniversary. Since then, they have thrown theLIFT in New York City, Palm Springs, Miami, Portugal, London, and San Francisco, in addition to monthly shows in downtown Los Angeles.

Jeremy has had the honor of sharing the stage and recording in the studio with hundreds of his inspirations, including Roy Ayers, Tony Allen, Stevie Wonder, Seu Jorge, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Parliament, Lee Scratch Perry, and Quantic. Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio1), widely known as the most influential tastemaker of our generation, named Sole as “#2 DJ OF THE YEAR 2011” as well as “RADIO SHOW OF THE YEAR 2014”.

In January 2017, Peterson expanded his “Worldwide FM” radio to feature a weekly series from around the world, and hired Sole to host, mix, and produce the 6-hour L.A. show. Sole’s DJ performance at Coachella 2012 played a large part in further embedding his name as a pioneer in the burgeoning “Global Bass” scene. This, by no means, defines his sound nor his “scene”.

He remains a free agent – moving fluidly between any and all cliques that appreciate good music. Sole was the last DJ to open for Ray Charles, deejayed for Sly Stone’s birthday party, and was guest DJ at Low End Theory with James Blake.

Sole spent most of 2006 in the studio producing with Ms. Lauryn Hill. After hearing him mix, she asked if he had ever considered getting into radio, “because this is the music the people need to hear”. A few months later, KCRW called to ask him that exact same question, and he agreed to join the ranks of what New York Times dubbed the “most influential radio station in the country,”.

You can tune into Sole every Wednesday at midnight in Los Angeles on 89.9 KCRW (or worldwide, streaming and archived at

 Sole has also produced official remixes for BECK (US), FEMI KUTI (Nigeria), ALSARAH (Sudan), NICK MONACO / SOUL CLAP (US), NATURAL SELF (UK), SOLA ROSA (New Zealand), NOVALIMA (Peru), JAZZANOVA (Germany), THIEVERY CORPORATION (US), ROCKY DAWUNI (Ghana), DEXTER STORY (US), QUANTIC (Colombia), DOM LA NENA (Brasil/France) and others. EMI enlisted Sole to remix DAVID BOWIE’S “Golden Years”. The result features Ticklah (of Antibalas and Amy Winehouse) with the Daptone musicians for an all-analog reworking of the 1976 classic.

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“Jeremy Sole is one of the deejays that we both admire hugely and certainly check his lists and radio show …a real sort-of bohemian of the old school variety. There aren’t enough people like him left, I think, in the world of music”
– Gilles Peterson (excerpt from Bonobo interview)

”If I was a DJ full time, I would most likely spin like Jeremy Sole. His mind and soul hears exactly what I hear.”
– Raphael Saadiq

“Beautiful choices of music… a whole different vibe.”
– David Lynch

“As a selector and tastemaker Jeremy is one of the true eclectic visionaries, joining the dots of new global music.”
– Bonobo

“Jeremy Sole is a man of good taste & tasteful mixing. Los Angeles is lucky to have him …he’s a goldmine of music.”
– Quantic

“Jeremy Sole is not only a world class DJ, but a world class citizen of the world. One of my favorite dudes in the game hands down, and a fucking phenomenal talent.”
– Rich Medina

“Jeremy Sole is perhaps the most consistently versatile performer we’ve ever featured!”
– The Do Lab (Event Production – Coachella)

“Jeremy is a great DJ, presenter, producer and knower-of-music …an extremely cool dude. I cannot stop listening to his remix of ‘I Put A Spell On You’ …it’s irresistible.”
– Henry Rollins

“Jeremy’s in my top 2 for good Global dancefloor DJs.”
– Nickodemus

“One of the only successful AND good DJs in LA (those are usually mutually exclusive).”
– Peanut Butter Wolf (owner, Stones Throw records)

“Jeremy Sole is one of the consummate tastemakers in the U.S. and a bad ass DJ to boot! I’m honored to have to played alongside him and I’m proud to call him a friend.”
– DJ Day

“Jeremy constantly shatters World Music boundaries and catapults his audience on a sublime international journey.”
– DJ Nu-Mark (DJ/Producer, Jurassic 5)

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