IFTW (Image from the Wood)

Born in Guatemala City, Guatemala & Raised in the City of Champions, Inglewood CA. IFTW has been sharpening his musical arsenal since the early 90's. Influenced by a mixture of genres, he has rocked all types of crowds throughout Southern California since the mid 90’s and broke out to rock across the US in 2001. IFTW has ... Read More

Ben Diggin

Co-Founder of the infamous Boombox Los Angeles, which has been a staple in the Los Angeles hip hop scene for the last ten years, Ben Diggin has a passion for music that knows no musical boundaries. From Reggae, to Latin-funk, to Afro-beat his musical knowledge and selections have blessed him with the opportunities to open up for Bands ... Read More

Jeremy Sole

JEREMY SOLE :: BIO Jeremy Sole is on a mission to show how music is a singular universal language, and that each culture’s rhythms and melodies are no more than slang--different accents of the same mother tongue. His DJ sets, remixes and original compositions juxtapose world sounds and experimental beats into a sonic ritual - a ... Read More


RCADE is an LA-based DJ/Producer originally from the Bay Area who spent his late teen years in a basement searching for samples in his growing record collection. As his record collection grew, so did his desire to become a DJ. His dedication to his newly found passion quickly established his purpose in life. This purpose revolved ... Read More

DJ Day

DJ Day (Damien Beebe) is a DJ, producer and musician hailing from Palm Springs, California. With an illustrious career spanning two decades, he was recently named “Palm Spring’s Finest” and for good reason: His contributions to the various avant-garde music scenes in Southern California run deep. From the historic Root Down parties ... Read More


San Diego based DJ turned worldwide! Cwitch has started off his DJ career competing in the battle scene and has since earned his rights to be listed amongst the best turntablist in the game. Cwitch has won 2 DMC USA Team Championship Titles just to name a few along his DJ Battle career. Cwitch is currently the Official DJ for up & coming ... Read More


At the age of 7, armed with an 80s boombox with some blank cassette tapes and the rest was history! Mza's been producing mixtapes at an early age and continue to do so throughout his DJ career. Mza draws a lot of his influences and taste-making skill sets which are firmly rooted in hip hop, funk, soul, jazz and electronic dance music. ... Read More

DJ Goldenchyld

Dominic “Goldenchyld” Cueto is an accomplished DJ/Producer from San Jose, CA and has rocked countless audiences from around the world with his showmanship through the turntable arts. He has over 15 years of DJ and production experience and is a founding member of The Bangerz Crew. He has garnered many accolades in his career participating ... Read More

Free The Robots

BIO: Chris Alfaro is Free the Robots; the musician, beat maker/ DJ, known for his ability to jump in and out of other worlds, creating a unique signature sound that hints at electronic, hip hop, jazz and psych, while remaining un-genre-fiable. His free flowing imagination, and tendency to go out of bounds keeps his productions and DJ sets ... Read More

DJ Zo (Zomanno)

Originally from Washington DC, Zomanno aka DJ Zo has made quite the imprint for himself in Los Angeles. Being that he has been Solange Knowles, Anderson .Paak, and Awkwafina’s tour DJ; Zomanno has opened up for acts such as: Justin Timberlake, Method Man, Common, and DJ Premiere. Finding a true scratch DJ that can take an event or show ... Read More